Who Am I

Hello Friends! I am so grateful and thankful that you have decided to visit my blog. I can’t believe that I started a blog! This is so far out of my comfort zone but I believe that this is exactly what God is calling me to do.

Being born and raised in church, I knew the importance of having a personal relationship with Christ. My siblings and I are what some would call “drug babies.” Our mother “drug” us to every church service, every church event, and every church revival. Because of her actions, I accepted Christ into my life at a young age. Through every trial and mistake, every high and every low, I knew that God was with me and had a wonderful plan for me life. Now that I’m older, I appreciate my mother for showing us Jesus and providing us with a Godly example.

I created this blog at the prompting of the Holy Spirit to encourage others in their walk with Christ, to encourage those who are struggling in their faith, and to reach the lost. I am far from perfect and rely on the grace and mercy of God to make it each day. If I can do it, so can you!

So a little about me: I’m 35 years old (oh Lord! lol), single (pray my husband finds me soon lol), no kids (definitely want kids), relocated a year ago about 3.5 hours away from my family (I really miss them!), best auntie in the world (lol), I love Jesus, I love my family, I love to laugh, I love to have a good time, and I’m excited for all the things to come in 2020!

Thanks for stopping by,


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